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Ianos Emergency
Relief Fund for
Kefalonia island has been hit really hard  by Cyclone Ianos.. a hurricane like storm. This is a very rare weather phenomenon for the Mediterranean region. 
We are very fortunate that no loss of life has been reported in Kefalonia, however, Ianos Cyclone caused extreme floodings, power cuts and serious damages to the island's general infrastructure, electric grid, water supplies & transport network. There are significant damages to cars, boats & residential properties.
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Local authorities are currently evaluating overall damages and people started to clear debris, rebuild and repair. We hope that everyone affected by the cyclone is safe and well. The road to recovery will be a long one
for some areas.
There are several volunteers and local businesses offering their help, products & services during those difficult times. Kefalonian Wild Nature is extremely active in helping those in need which is why we set up an Emergency Relief Fund to further assist and enable the supply of food, water and emergency supplies to those affected the most. All money raised is used to buy such emergency supplies.
​Ianos Emergency
Relief Fund for
Kefalonia is enabled by and
Kefalonian Wild Nature
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